The objective of work-based learning (WBL) is to help students acquire knowledge, skills and competences with direct application to the labor market. The VEPA project aims to improve this process by describing the profile of VET planners – i.e. instructors/trainers involved in the planning, monitoring and evaluation of VET courses – helping them to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their competences, to obtain validation of their competences, as well as to provide them with face-to-face or distance learning to fill their competence gaps.

Principally, the VEPA Project aims, are to set up:

  • a modern training profile tailored to VET planners
  • a new professional model development for instructors/ trainers and VET Organizations

The VEPA project products can be integrated into the three forms of work-based learning implemented in European countries that are:

  • alternance schemes or apprenticeship – also referred as “dual system”: companies, together with VET schools or other education/training institutes, become training providers in an integrated educational system.
  • WBL as school/agency-based VET which includes on-the-job-training periods in company: a combination of workplace and classroom based learning
  • WBL integrated in a school/agency – based-program, through on-site real job activities.